Tri- Colored Phobia, 2015

Heavily influenced by Mircea Eliade’s idea of a hierophany (from the Greek roots "hieros" meaning "sacred" or "holy," and "phainein" meaning "to reveal" or "to bring to light" and signifies a manifestation of the sacred), this work centers on allowing the art object to present itself to be sacred, elevating it in our consciousness and thought.  However, by fabricating the situation and “forcing” a revelation, the work becomes riddled with contrasts and contradictions and enters into the world of propaganda that can then be judged without historical and cultural context. The work explores the dormant purity and corruption in our world and seeks to reveal and honor those sacred places that are not given honor, and strip away the reverence of the places that should not be revered.

Tri-Colored Phobia, 2015, center structure 40” x 30” x 30”, Size varied installed, wood, wax, broken mirror, rayon-cotton mix fabric, golden gimp yarn, painted florescent light