Snakestones, 2018

Snake Stones are found in cultures throughout the world and are used in folk medicine for treatment of snakebites. They are made from colored glass, stone, or burnt animal bone and are often selected for their naturally occurring holes. Medical experts are concerned that relying on these snake stones may prevent snakebite victims from seeking appropriate medical help.

These Snakestones appear on modern botanical backgrounds and are as familiar as they are foreign. Made from the combined shadows of hands, they alter their environment, drawing out the poison of the eye and causing conflicting visions of colors. These hidden hands offer evidence of human touch hidden among the leaves, overlapping order and chaos endlessly. They are enticing yet dangerous because they distract from better medicine, but somehow still work to draw out poison that would otherwise ferment.

Snakestones 1 (Wandering through bright Sun-lit Movements), 2018, acrylic on panel, 36 x 40 inches

Snakestones 1 (Wandering through bright Sun-lit Movements), 2018 detail