The Architecture of Limitless Delusion, 2017

Curated by Liliana Bloch and Thomas Flynn II
Located at the Texas A&M Commerce University VisCom Gallery in Downtown Dallas

The Liliana Bloch Gallery is proud to present The Architecture of Limitless Delusion, an exhibition co-curated with Thomas Flynn II, that highlights the use of forced perspective, metaphysics and the alchemy required to create works of art that are somehow larger than the objects that sustain them.

Architecture tends to promote itself, creating self-referential components that together can create imposing structures. In the same way, the artists featured in the exhibition elevate themselves and the art objects using simple shapes, the basics of geometry and architecture. We chose objects that display the dexterity of the artist to use geometric forms that build upon the meeting of conscious choices with conceptual implications. 

As the objects build upon themselves and each other to create a self-contained environment of possibilities, the artists featured in the show are the architects of limitless delusion in an empty city waiting to be populated.

Participant artists are Du Chau, Kristen Cochran, Anne Glazer, Ryan Goolsby, Lynne Harlow, Vince Jones, Alicia Henry, Kathy Lovas, Shawn Mayer, Leigh Merrill, Mi-Hee Nahm, Bogdan P. K. Perzyński, Bret Slater, Simon Vega and Sally Warren.

Click HERE to view the exhibition catalog for a complete list of works included.